Top 8 Best Treatments For Psoriasis On The Face

treatments for psoriasis on the faceWhile it’s certainly not your fault, psoriasis can be unsightly and if it’s in areas than can be hidden, it may not bother you as much and you may be able to hide it and go about your life. But if it’s in a highly visible area such as the face, it can cause you to hide away in your home and avoid people. Instead of hiding away, consider these top 8 best treatments for psoriasis on the face and you may find that one or more may be effective for getting rid of the plaques.

Psoriasis on the face can affect any area of the face with common areas being on the forehead, eyebrows, the area between the nose and upper lip, as well as the hairline. While there are many conventional treatments for psoriasis on the face, there are also many home remedies for psoriasis on the face that can work. We shall consider both approaches to treat this skin condition below.

Treatments for psoriasis on the face

1. Phototherapy

A great number of people with psoriasis have been able to clear up their psoriasis after exposure to natural sunlight but be careful not to burn and avoid sunlight during peak hours (10:00 AM to 3:00PM.) If you do follow this therapy, be sure that you have your skin examined periodically for skin cancer and increased photoaging can be another concern for some when you sunbathe. Besides sunlight, there are also ultraviolet light B (UVB) therapy devices that can be used in the home. For more on using light therapy for psoriasis, click here.

2. Topical steroids

Known as corticosteroids, there are certain steroids that you can use on the face and while they can work, they are only to be used for a short time as they can lose their effect over time. These come in various strengths (mild to very strong) and when used on the face, mild steroids are usually best so that your facial skin is not as irritated as it would be with very strong steroids. Topical steroids can also cause skin thinning and many other issues.

Because of the problems that topical steroids may present, it may be best to take a break and use different treatments before using steroids again and doing this can also help to improve their effectiveness.

For the gentle eye areas including the eyelids, you will need a special steroid cream that your doctor may be able to prescribe.

3. Salicylic acid

Manually picking at the scales can make psoriasis worse so you need to look for ingredients that break up the scales gently and allow it to shed more quickly. Salicylic acid is one such ingredient and has actually been described as being able to “eat scale”. Because ingredients such as salicylic acid may sting, you should use them with a moisturizer.

4. Moisturizer

Speaking of moisturizers, dry skin can increase the risk of developing psoriasis lesions so make sure that you moisturize your face well but it can be difficult to find the right moisturizer for the face that is not too heavy but effective. This moisturizer is one of the best for use on the face. An herb such as aloe vera can also be used effectively on the face as a toner and even moisturizer and is great for people with psoriasis because of the healing and soothing properties it contains.

5. Oils

Instead of a moisturizer, you can use a 100% natural oil such as coconut oil, neem oil, emu oil, borage oil, hemp oil, etc, as a moisturizer. If coconut oil is too greasy for you, use a non greasy oil such as emu oil, hemp oil, etc. Experiment with various oils to find what works best for you. These oils and many others have many healing properties and in addition to keeping the skin moisturized, can start the healing process of the lesions. These natural oils are some of the best home remedies for psoriasis on the face so definitely consider using them.

6. Over the counter cortisone

Cortisone (steroids) creams that are available over the counter can be a very effective method on how to treat psoriasis on the face. As mentioned earlier steroids can thin the skin but cortisone is effective because it helps to reduce redness while calming the immune reaction but don’t overuse them and take a break from them every so often.

7. Be careful with soaps

While most advise against using soaps on the face or body if you have psoriasis because they can dry and irritate the skin as well as increase itching, there are some soaps that are gentle enough to be used on psoriatic skin including this soap. But you must avoid harsh, stripping soaps whether on your face or body.

8. Humidifier

Indoor heating or air conditioning can severely dry the skin especially facial skin. Invest in a humidifier raise the humidity in your home or office to overcome the dry indoor air which can dry out the skin on your face and body.

This is just a bit of info on effective treatments for psoriasis on the face. While you may focus on the outside, it’s important not to forget to treat psoriasis including psoriasis on the face from the inside. If you follow the regimen documented in the proven Psoriasis Revolution holistic guide, chances are good that you will be able to get rid of psoriasis anywhere and everywhere. Find out more about this bestselling holistic guide here.


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