Top 4 Herbs To Cure Psoriasis Naturally

psoriasis natural treatmentsPsoriasis can be a challenge to treat because it is still such a mystery. There are many treatment methods that can be used to control and prevent psoriasis flare-ups both conventional and holistic/alternative. One of the oldest treatment methods for various diseases and conditions is with the use of various herbs. With that in mind, here are the top 4 herbs to cure psoriasis naturally.

Why Herbs?

Before pharmaceuticals were discovered and took over, using herbs was the go to method for treating various health concerns or improving general health and wellbeing. Herbal medicine relates to the use of various part of a plant such as the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, berries, bark, etc, to treat various physical and psychological issues, to improve health, for preventative purposes and so forth.

The use of herbal medicine is generally considered much easier on the body than using pharmaceuticals although you can certainly use herbs to complement conventional treatment methods. Although herbs are less potent than pharmaceuticals, they are still a type of medication and need to be treated as such. Some herbs may even enhance the effects of drugs or other conventional treatment methods and help relieve some of the side effects associated with conventional treatment methods including drugs and surgery.

When used properly, herbs are safe and powerful and generally side effect free but do check with your doctor first before beginning the use of various herbal remedies to ensure safety especially if using other medications, are pregnant or breast-feeding, are elderly or in young children.

When using herbs, do make sure that you purchase them (unless you grow your own) from a reputable seller to ensure that they are safe and will be effective. It is best to look for organically grown herbs. Also make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidance on dosage or do your own independent research if this information is not available.

Herbs To Cure Psoriasis Naturally

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects about 2 percent of the general population with varying degrees of severity. While there isn’t one go to treatment method for psoriasis that will work in all cases including the use of herbs, this is still a treatment method you should consider to see whether it will work for you. Herbs are certainly a popular method used to cure psoriasis naturally or keep flare-ups at bay. The top 4 popular herbs for use with psoriasis include;

1. Aloe

cure psoriasis naturallyThe benefits of aloe for promoting wound healing go back thousands of years. It is also very easy to use. You can buy aloe from various stores (the gel or the juice) or you can simply cut off one of the plant’s leaves that are thick and fleshy and apply the clear gel to any area of the skin that needs healing.

Common Uses of Aloe

  • For wound healing including scalds, burn, sunburn, etc. Bradykinase, magnesium and salicylic acid are some of the compounds found in aloe that help with wound healing and help reduce redness, swelling and inflammation.
  • General skin and hair care. Aloe is a common ingredient in various skin and hair care products but is most effective and beneficial for skin and hair when used in its purest form and you can usually get 100 percent aloe vera gel or juice in many health stores. Aloe also helps to heal acne and rashes from poison oak, ivy, etc.
  • Diabetes can be treated with aloe. Some studies have shown that blood sugar levels can be reduced with the help of aloe juice.
  • Infection can be prevented by using aloe. Aloe can also boost the immune system to help it to better fight off infection.

Aloe and Psoriasis

Some studies have shown that using aloe led to the clearing up of psoriasis lesions due to the various healing properties that this herb contains.

2. Gotu Kola

curing psoriasis naturallyThis herb is from the family of fennel, dill, carrot, parsley, celery and angelica. The parts used for healing are the leaves. This is a popular herb in Ayurveda. It was thought (though not proven) that this herb promoted mental health as well as longevity.

A few of the common uses of this herb that have been proven include but are not limited to;

  • High blood pressure by helping to reduce blood pressure levels.
  • Reduces or eliminates the risk of developing stretch marks from pregnancy.
  • Treating varicose veins by improving circulation to the lower limbs.
  • Treating diabetes by improving circulation through the blood vessels.
  • Speeds up wound healing and minimizes scarring.
  • Anxiety levels can be reduced with the help of this herb.

Gotu Kola and Psoriasis

The use of gotu kola to cure psoriasis naturally is related to its use in treating various skin conditions some of which are mentioned above. A study showed that using a cream that contained gotu kola helped to relieve the painful, burning and scaly red patches associated with psoriasis.

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3. Red Pepper

cure psoriasis naturallyThis is also known as hot pepper, Tabasco, cayenne chili pepper, Louisiana long pepper, etc. The parts of this herb used for treatment are the fruits.

This popular spice has many uses. The heat from red pepper is actually the part of it that promotes healing. This heat is produced by the compound capsaicin.

Common Uses of Red Pepper

  • Digestive issues can be relieved because red pepper stimulates saliva and stomach acid secretion. Contrary to popular belief, spicy foods such as red pepper do not lead to stomach ulcers or damage to the stomach. Studies have shown in fact that red pepper may help to inhibit the growth of a certain bacteria that causes ulcers.
  • Osteoarthritis which is a common type of arthritis can be relieved by red pepper by using red pepper or an ointment that contains capsaicin.
  • Weight loss can be promoted by consuming red pepper. Capsaicin helps to speed up metabolism which leads to more calories being burned.
  • Chronic pain can be relieved by rubbing red pepper on the muscles and joints. The red pepper acts as a counter-irritant when used for chronic pain. The body can only focus on a few pain signals at a time and when you add a minor superficial pain from rubbing red pepper on the areas of the pain, the ability of the nervous system to alert the brain of severe pain is reduced.
  • Fibromyalgia which causes muscle pain and tenderness can be relieved by red pepper by rubbing it on the areas.
  • Diabetic neuropathy which is a complication arising from diabetes that affects the legs, feet, arms, hands, etc, by causing pain in these areas has been shown to be relieved by applying red pepper to these areas. With consistent use, red pepper will cause less pain and greater ability to move around, work, etc.
  • Diarrhea can be relieved by consuming red pepper.
  • Shingles can be effectively treated with red pepper if this condition does not clear up by itself within 3 weeks.
  • Cluster headaches can be relieved by capsaicin.

Red Pepper and Psoriasis

If you are suffering from the red, scaly patches associated with psoriasis, you may want to consider adding red pepper to your diet as well as using an ointment containing capsaicin. A study showed that using capsaicin containing ointments for six weeks on the lesions, helped to heal psoriasis lesions.

4. Barberry

cure psoriasis naturallyAnother herb that is used to cure psoriasis naturally is barberry and the root bark is the part used for healing. Although most herbs are usually considered less potent than pharmaceuticals, barberry may be one of the exceptions. Berberine which is an active compound in this herb is actually considered more potent than chloramphenicol which is a powerful antibiotic when used against bacteria.

Common Uses of Barberry

  • Infection fighting as it has been shown to be able to kill various microorganisms that can infect wounds, cause diarrhea, cholera, UTI, yeast infections, dysentery, etc.
  • Liver damage can be reduced and liver functions normalized with the use of barberry.
  • Pinkeye can also be treated effectively with this herb.
  • The immune system can be stimulated and enhanced through the use of barberry as it fights infections.
  • High blood pressure can also be reduced with the help of this herb.

Barberry and Psoriasis

Since barberry is commonly used to treat various skin conditions, its use for psoriasis treatment is a no brainer. Studies have shown that applying a barberry ointment on psoriasis lesions brought about relief.

These are just a few herbs that can be used to cure psoriasis naturally. Herbs are generally safe and inexpensive while being effective so you should certainly consider herbal medicine when seeking more information on psoriasis natural treatments.

Before using herbs, do check with your doctor first especially if you are on other medications as some herbs may interact adversely with some pharmaceutical drugs. If symptoms worsen or last longer than 2 weeks, talk to a health care professional promptly.

Herbs are definitely an important part of combating this chronic skin condition. For more on the various other methods to cure psoriasis naturally, the Psoriasis Revolution will be most beneficial for you to cure and prevent psoriasis and has been very effective for may sufferers.

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