Top 3 Natural Remedies For Psoriatic Arthritis

natural remedies for psoriatic arthritisPsoriasis alone can be a challenge to deal with but for a small percentage of psoriasis sufferers (approx. 5 percent), they also have to deal with arthritis. Dealing with psoriatic psoriasis usually requires even more work, patience and being more disciplined than simply dealing with psoriasis. There are many methods that you can use to deal with this type of psoriasis including natural remedies. The following are the top 3 natural remedies for psoriatic arthritis that may work for you.

Psoriatic arthritis

It is still generally unknown why psoriatic arthritis occurs but there may be genetic factors, environmental factor, issues with the immune system and so on and so forth that can increase the risk of developing this condition.

Being diagnosed early is important in order to prevent deformity and destruction of the joints. People with psoriatic arthritis usually deal with tender swollen joints in addition to the scaly, raised, red skin and nail changes that are commonly associated with psoriasis.

The joints of the wrists, hands, back, neck, knees, ankles and feet are commonly inflamed and usually worse in the morning or after a long rest and can be improved with some physical activity. In most people with psoriatic arthritis, the skin lesions associated with psoriasis began before the arthritis.

Natural remedies for psoriatic arthritis

1. Vitamin B12

One of the simplest natural remedies for psoriatic arthritis is vitamin B12. As is commonly the case with vitamin D, some studies have shown that deficiencies in vitamin B12 are very common in people with psoriatic arthritis than those who do not have this condition so you may want to have your vitamin B12 levels checked and if deficient, increase your intake of this important vitamin. Food sources include trout, yogurt, clams, fortified cereal, etc, but you can also get it from vitamin supplements.

2. Vitamin K

Vitamin K has several functions in the body and the main ones include enabling blood clotting in order to repair wounds as well as playing an important role in the bone building process. Vitamin K is required in order to retain the calcium in the bones and redistribute it to where it is needed. The latter is why vitamin K may be helpful for those with psoriatic arthritis.

While there are no studies that show its benefits for psoriatic arthritis, a few reports have shown that low levels of this vitamin were found in people with severe osteoarthritis. While there is no proof that vitamin K can help with osteoarthritis much less psoriatic arthritis, it wouldn’t hurt to ensure that you are not deficient in this vitamin.

Common food sources of vitamin K include green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli and spinach, in addition to canola and olive oils which all promote joint health.

3. Willow Bark

This herb contains many healing compounds including a compound known as salicin which is similar to the active ingredient in aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). A study found that patients with osteoarthritis who were given a willow bark extract reported less pain than those who were given a placebo which led some to believe that willow bark could be helpful for those with psoriatic arthritis.

These are just a few natural remedies for psoriatic arthritis which may work for you. While this may be a difficult disease to diagnose and treat, there are many remedies that may be able to give you the relief you seek. You just have to be patient and persistent.

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