The Top 4 Psoriasis Triggers

psoriasis triggersPsoriasis can be a challenge to deal with and while there are various treatments for the various symptoms of psoriasis, prevention of psoriasis flare ups is an important treatment step. Prevention is about understanding psoriasis triggers and learning how to eliminate or minimize them. The following are some of these triggers to be aware of and try to prevent or minimize.

Psoriasis Triggers

1. Stress

We all deal with some level of stress on a daily basis which is normal. Chronic stress on the other hand can be the trigger for many diseases and conditions and can actually cause a psoriasis flare up as well as various psoriasis symptoms. Chronic stress is able to weaken the body by attacking the immune system and weakening the body’s natural defenses against sickness and disease.

A weakened immune system will mean that whatever was holding the psoriasis flare-ups associated with the various types of psoriasis at bay is busy elsewhere or there are not enough defenses against flare-ups. Chronic stress can result from any stressors such as emotional stress, anxiety, relationship problems, health concerns, money worries, etc. The first step to cure psoriasis and prevent flare-ups is to eliminate or manage stress effectively.

For more on how stress can be dangerous to your health and being able to keep psoriasis flare ups at bay, read Getting To The Bottom Of Psoriasis And Stress.

2. Skin Injuries

Another of the triggers for psoriasis flare-ups is suffering from some type of skin injury which can lead to the development of various signs of psoriasis at the site of the skin injury. Having any small abrasions or scratches on the skin can lead to a flare-up.

While skin injury especially small skin injuries and abrasions may be unavoidable, you need to take care of this skin injury immediately. With small skin injuries, cover it and apply Neosporin or other ointments that is suitable for psoriasis treatment.

Being proactive and taking care of all skin injuries promptly can help to prevent psoriasis flare-ups.  Another of the psoriasis triggers is sunburn which is another risk factor for the development of psoriasis symptoms due to the damage to the skin that occurs. If you suffer from a sunburn, treat this promptly as well. Applying aloe vera gel immediately is a great natural remedy for sunburn.

3. Illness

Certain types of psoriasis such as guttate psoriasis can develop after an illness such as strep throat or tonsillitis. The signs of psoriasis usually develop a week or two after the illness. Do try to take care of your health to prevent the development of these types of illnesses that can act as a trigger.

4. Certain Medications

There are also certain types of medication that can actually increase the risk of having a psoriasis flare-up. If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, do make sure you discuss the possible reactions and side effects associated with medications that you take with your doctor. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a different medication with lower risks of causing a flare up, or give you an additional medication to hold off an outbreak.

These are just a few psoriasis triggers that increase your risk of suffering from psoriasis flare-ups and symptoms of psoriasis. While treating and controlling the symptoms of this chronic skin condition can be a challenge, being proactive and taking your health in your own hands, can help you better manage this condition. Discover how to keep psoriasis at bay and reclaim your skin health by clicking here.

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