The 411 On The Psoriasis Diagnosis Process

signs of psoriasisThis chronic skin condition can look like other skin conditions such as eczema, candidiasis (yeast infections) and other fungal infections. To make certain that you do have psoriasis, you may require undergoing psoriasis diagnosis procedures especially when in doubt. The following are some of the psoriasis diagnosis steps that you doctor may perform.

Psoriasis Diagnosis Steps

1. Skin, Nails, Scalp Analysis

The first step after reviewing your family history for this condition on whether you have psoriasis or not is with an examination of your skin, nails, scalp, etc, for the telltale signs of psoriasis such as;

  • Skin patches that have clear borders
  • Pitted fingernails and/or toenails or lifting of the nail from the nail bed
  • Whether there is a pinkish rash in the cleft or crease of the buttocks
  • Etc

If there is still doubt after looking for the above signs of psoriasis and many others, the next step for a psoriasis diagnosis will be;

2. Skin Biopsy

This psoriasis diagnosis step is usually recommended when it is difficult to tell whether you have psoriasis or some other skin condition.

A small piece of skin is removed after numbing the area and this skin sample is then placed and examined under a microscope. The skin magnification obtained using a microscope helps the doctor to determine whether you have this condition or not by looking at certain skin characteristics and comparing them to the various signs of psoriasis.

3. X-rays

X-rays may also be performed if you have joint swelling or deformity which could be a sign of arthritis.

4. Blood Tests

These tests of your blood will be recommended if you are arthritic. The rheumatoid factor is used which is a blood test that is performed to exclude rheumatoid arthritis when you have psoriatic arthritis.

These are some of the tests performed to get a psoriasis diagnosis if there is still doubt after reviewing your family history and analyzing the skin, nails and scalp.

It is important to get a proper psoriasis diagnosis to be sure that you have this chronic skin condition before looking into treatment methods including natural treatment methods, home remedies for psoriasis, light therapy for psoriasis, drug therapy and even the popular and effective Psoriasis Free For Life manual that uses holistic methods to cure and prevent psoriasis flare-ups.

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