Natural Psoriasis Treatment Benefits From The Dead Sea

natural psoriasis treatmentNatural psoriasis treatment has been found to be quite effective if not more so than conventional treatment methods. It can also be used at the same time as other treatment methods. A cure for psoriasis is still not available but using various treatment methods may be able to give you some relief. One of the natural treatment methods used is climatotherapy and the Dead Sea area is a popular destination for those seeking this type of therapy.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea (also less commonly known as the Salt Sea) is located between Jordan to the East and Israel as well as the West Bank to the west. This salt lake is truly one of the most unique places on earth and if considering climatotherapy as a possible natural psoriasis treatment method, the Dead Sea will be a great place to achieve this.

The many healing properties of the Dead Sea have been known and used for centuries. It is in fact the world’s first health resort and for the past few decades thousands of people traveling to this area have made it a thriving health resort. Many of the visitors visit this area for the treatment of various diseases and conditions with psoriasis being very common.

The Dead Sea and Natural Psoriasis Treatment

light therapy for psoriasisOne of the reasons that this area seems to be beneficial for the treatment of psoriasis and many other conditions is because it is almost 1,400 feet (or about 400 meters) below sea level. This makes it the lowest point on earth which means that the harmful burning rays of the sun are greatly reduced by its level as well as the atmospheric properties in this area that are filled with evaporating sea water and various aerosols. This makes this area very beneficial for light therapy for psoriasis without the harmful cancer causing and burning rays of the sun.

In addition, this area is cloudless for most of the year with little to no rain for most of the year so sunbathing can be enjoyed for longer periods but it is recommended to start sunbathing for short periods of time (30 minutes) before building up to longer periods of time (3 to 6 hours).

The second reason that the Dead Sea is so beneficial is because of the actual sea itself. It contains the most concentration of salt of any body of water on earth which means that no living creature or organism save for small quantities of certain bacteria and fungi, can live and thrive in this sea.

In addition to the salt, this sea also contains trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, bromine and potassium which in addition to the sun and the low content of allergens and pollens in the atmosphere impart various health benefits for psoriasis sufferers and the many other sufferers who flock to this area.

Floating in the sea (the high salt content enables easy floating) with its healthful properties seems to also improve the effects of sunlight therapy. The mud at the Dead Sea is also usually used for treatment and the effectiveness of the mud as well as the elements of the sea water is thought to be because of the natural tar (bitumen) found in the mud and the water.

If you can afford to make this trip to the Dead Sea for natural psoriasis treatment, you should definitely consider it for the sunlight, saline and tar rich mud and sea water. Otherwise, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the Dead Sea without traveling there because a wide variety of products such as the Dead Sea mud are exported from this area each year.


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