Is There A Connection Between Alcohol And Psoriasis?

alcohol and psoriasisThis chronic skin disease is not yet fully understood and so much of it is still such a mystery which is why there isn’t yet a standard treatment for this disease but certain risk factors have been identified. One of them is alcohol. Is there a connection between alcohol and psoriasis and should you forsake downing that cold beer or that glass of wine that you enjoy so much at the end of a stressful day?

Alcohol and psoriasis

The connection between alcohol and psoriasis is a little troubling because not only is drinking alcohol normal for most people including those without psoriasis but it has been found that those with psoriasis are at an increased risk of alcoholism compared to the general population.

This increased risk of developing alcoholism is probably because alcohol may be used as a coping strategy to deal with the emotional burden of psoriasis which not only leads to dependency but may actually worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.

There are many sacrifices that you must make when you have psoriasis if you are determined not to be defeated by this chronic skin condition and one of them is alcohol elimination. The studies have shown that not only is the risk of psoriasis increased in people who drink a significant amount of alcohol but it has also been shown to worsen psoriasis symptoms.

In addition, with the increased risk of developing dependence especially in people with psoriasis which ends up creating another problem that you don’t need, it’s best to avoid hard liquor including beer altogether.

Plus if you are on medications such as methotrexate and consume alcohol, liver damage will be in your future. Alcohol by itself does increase the risk of liver disease and adding a medication such as this is a recipe for a major disaster. Without a properly functioning liver it further worsens this skin condition.

Another reason for the psoriasis and alcohol connection is that alcohol is very dehydrating and dry skin can be a trigger for the development of psoriasis which is why you are always encouraged to avoid dry skin and keep your skin moisturized. Alcohol will rob your skin of much needed moisture.

A sacrifice you must make…

If you are determined to bury your head in the sand and drown your psoriasis sorrows in a glass of liquor, that’s your prerogative but if you are ready to take control and be proactive and are a drinker, alcohol should be one of the things you should give up.

Of course there are those who have never touched a drop of alcohol and still have psoriasis which is why psoriasis is such a mystery because what is a trigger in one may not be in another and vice versa.

But making changes is an important aspect of psoriasis treatment and the research has shown that abstaining from alcohol can lead to remission is some people while restarting alcohol consumption has been shown to lead to recurrence. Even if you didn’t have psoriasis, alcohol elimination is still an important part of promoting general health and well-being.

But there is an exception…

While hard liquor and beer should be avoided at all costs, there is an exception if you must have a drink every now and then. This exception is wine especially red wine which has been found to contain many healing properties.

The benefits of wine drinking has been noted especially in those who live in certain areas such as the Mediterranean where drinking a glass of red wine is a normal part of a meal and the people in these regions have been found to be at a reduced risk of developing various chronic diseases and conditions, so this wine consumption isn’t affecting their health negatively and may actually be helping it in addition to their diet.

But remember that while drinking a glass of white wine or red wine may not be harmful if you have psoriasis, the key is moderation. Make sure that this does not become a habit and definitely don’t plan to drink wine every day. Do make sure that you make a point to drink plenty of water to reduce the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

There is a connection between alcohol and psoriasis and sacrificing alcohol may be necessary for you in addition to making other sacrifices in order to win your battle against this chronic skin condition. But if you must drink, seek to only drink a glass of wine (red wine especially) occasionally and make sure to drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized.

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