Is Psoriasis Fish Therapy An Amazing Natural Treatment?

psoriasis fish therapyAt this point, there is no known cure for psoriasis and when a “cure” is often mentioned, it usually means prolonging your symptom free days and many natural remedies can work to do this but is letting fish dine on your scaly skin lesions one of these effective methods or should you be the one doing the dining (on fish that is)? While some people may be unnerved and freaked out by psoriasis fish therapy, many other psoriasis sufferers swear by it or it is an important part of their psoriasis treatment regimen.

Psoriasis fish therapy

This is actually really popular in Turkey where these fish a common in various hot springs (Kangal hot springs) but they can be found in other places too. The doctor fish that are used are known as Garra rufa, and belong to the carp and minnow family.

In addition to their natural diet, doctor fish also survive by eating the scaly skin patches (Ichthyotherapy) on those who bathe in the waters that these fish dwell in. These fish are tiny and toothless and use their mouths to pick away at the scales. So if you are queasy about the thought of fish eating your scaly patches, think about how you are helping them survive! No. Okay. Lets carry on…

These doctor fish are named as such because of the many bathers suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions who state that the various skin conditions they were dealing with including psoriasis greatly improved once they made their scaly skin patches all over their bodies available for the consumption of these fish.

For some reason these fish seem to prefer diseased skin aka psoriasis lesions to healthy skin but this may be because the plaques provide a lot of skin to feed upon. By eating away at the scaly patches, it is believed that they help to reduce the amount of scales and in many cases make the skin nice and smooth and ready for whatever psoriasis ointment you have on hand.

Not having to deal with as many scaly patches and smooth skin can seem very attractive to psoriasis sufferers which is probably why psoriasis fish therapy in popular.

They are also used for exotic pedicures in many parts of the world.

No you can’t get psoriasis fish therapy in the US…

While some studies in the US have shown that psoriasis fish therapy may be effective at reducing psoriasis symptoms with few to no significant risks to psoriasis sufferers, treatment centers that conduct this therapy are still mainly based outside the US because this treatment has not been approved to be used in various parts of the US.

This is mainly because of concerns that the fish and the water used may carry various health risks including harmful fungi, bacteria and other organisms that may lead to infection in the presence of open wounds on human bathers.

If you do want to partake in psoriasis fish therapy, you may need to plan your next vacation to Turkey but since there isn’t much research to back up the claims about this therapy being able to work against psoriasis, you may simply want to invest in chemical peels such as alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids to help peel away the scaly patches.

If you are interested in various alternative treatments for psoriasis besides the unproven psoriasis fish therapy, you may need to consult the Psoriasis Revolution holistic guide which will show you some of the most effective natural remedies for psoriasis which have worked for many sufferers. Found out more about this bestselling guide here.


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