How To Get Rid Of Psoriasis Naturally Using Dead Sea Salts

dead sea psoriasisDead Sea salts are amazingly healing which is the reason that they are one of the best methods on how to get rid of psoriasis naturally so dip yourself in bath water that contains Dead Sea salts or if you can afford it, take a trip to the Dead Sea and soak your bones (and scales) in its healing salty water.

While you can certainly dream of a trip to the Dead Sea which is a health resort that is commonly frequented by those looking for a healing which usually includes plenty of psoriasis sufferers, you can still experience part of the Dead Sea in your home because Dead Sea salts (as well as Dead Sea mud and other products) are exported from this area to various countries all over the world so you can usually get your hands on some Dead Sea salt to use at home.

But it is important to get genuine Dead Sea salts because there are certainly many pretenders out there. For 100 percent genuine Dead Sea salts, you should turn to the pure Dead Sea salts sold by Cleopartra’s Choice and yes, legend has it that Cleopatra dipped herself in the Dead Sea as part of her beauty regimen.

Benefits of Dead Sea salts

There is something special about the Dead Sea that is not fully understood. All that is known is that people who dip themselves in the Dead Sea which is full of salt and other healing properties or sunbathe or use Dead Sea mud, have reported improvements for all manner of diseases and conditions including psoriasis. Many people with psoriasis who have taken a dip in the Dead Sea have also reported that psoriasis lesions took longer to return.

So while you can add a trip to the Dead Sea on your bucket list, you can still enjoy part of the experience of going to this tourist destination in the comfort of your own home with the help of Dead Sea salts.

The reason that Dead Sea salts are one of the best methods on how to get rid of psoriasis naturally is that the salts harvested directly from the Dead Sea contain high concentrations of magnesium, bitumen (natural tar), calcium, potassium, bromide and sodium which can help to reduce inflammation, heal the lesions and stop the itching.

These healing salts will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with repeated use.

Using Dead Sea salts for psoriasis

Simply dissolve a cup of these salts into your bath water, let this dissolve in the water and enjoy this spa experience for about 20 minutes (before the water gets cold!) and then rinse yourself off with lukewarm water.

This spa experience in your home will not only help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema but it will be a relaxing experience which will help eliminate stress and insomnia which can actually increase the risk of developing psoriasis symptoms.

For even better results, why not apply Dead Sea mud to your skin? The mud from this region as mentioned previously is also filled with many healing properties including bitumen (natural tar) which is extremely beneficial for those with various skin issues including psoriasis.

The Dead Sea as well as the various products exported from this region are very effective for psoriasis natural treatment which makes them some of the best ways on how to get rid of psoriasis naturally.

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