Having Psoriasis Increases Your Risk Of Developing These 7 Health Conditions

what causes psoriasisThough it is still a mystery what causes psoriasis, it is thought to be an autoimmune disease but what triggers this autoimmune condition into attacking healthy skin cells is still a mystery. While psoriasis can be a challenge to treat and live with, it many cases, people with psoriasis also deal with other health conditions such as the following;

7 health issues that can be present with psoriasis

1. High blood pressure

While what causes psoriasis can be difficult if not impossible to determine, what is known is that it is evidenced by very rapid skin turnover which causes scaly skin patches. This rapid skin turnover requires a robust blood supply which can in turn raise blood pressure levels. This is why the lesions sometimes appear red.

2. Heart disease

Having psoriasis increases your risk of developing heart disease which is why you need to do your research on the best diet for psoriasis which will not only help to treat psoriasis from the inside out but will also help promote your overall health as well as heart health.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in certain cold water fish are especially beneficial for maintaining heart health and overall health and well-being so make sure you eat these types of fish several times a week and/or take fish oil supplements.

3. Cancer

Having psoriasis can increase your risk of developing certain cancers. Skin cancer is a major risk due to various alternative treatments for psoriasis that have discovered that certain ultraviolet rays in the sun (phototherapy for psoriasis) can help heal psoriasis lesions. Exposure to these ultraviolet rays can increase your risk of developing skin cancer so make sure that you carefully examine your skin periodically and wear sunscreen on the unaffected skin when exposing your lesions directly to sunlight.

Other cancers that you may be at risk for when you have psoriasis include bladder cancer, cancer of the larynx, colon cancer, etc. It is believed that having psoriasis increases the risk of these various cancers because the level of inflammation in the body when you have psoriasis is very high which causes various health problems. So plan on regular cancer screenings.

4. Pregnancy complications

Having psoriasis while pregnant can increase the risk of pregnancy complication such as premature delivery, low baby birth weight, birth defects, etc. These complications are usually a result of medications used prior to the pregnancy that are still in the system or the continuing use of certain medications during pregnancy to combat psoriasis.

If at all possible, give yourself enough time before getting pregnant for any medications you use to treat psoriasis to exit your system. Some of them can remain in your system for several months so plan on stopping these medications a year or two before trying to get pregnant.

Also, unless absolutely necessary, try to avoid using medications during pregnancy and look for alternative natural remedies that may help without harming your baby. It has also been noted that since pregnancy suppresses the immune system somewhat, symptoms of psoriasis can be lessened during the pregnancy so you may not need to use medication during your pregnancy if you are battling severe psoriasis.

5. Emotional issues

Many people with psoriasis deal with the heartbreak of having psoriasis and can be depressed, anxious, avoid social situations, become fearful, have suicidal thoughts and so on and so forth all because they are embarrassed by this chronic skin condition and the toll it can take on their lives.

If you develop emotional issues, do talk to someone. We are not given more than we can bear in this life so you can not only bear psoriasis, but as long as you remain positive and do not lose hope, you are bound to find a remedy or remedies that will work for you to clear your skin. Why not give the holistic guide Psoriasis Free For Life a try?

6. Metabolic syndrome

Many people with psoriasis were found to be suffering from metabolic syndrome which increases the risk of developing insulin resistance which puts you at the risk of developing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in addition to other diseases and conditions.

Metabolic syndrome is characterized by high blood sugar levels (from insulin resistance), high blood pressure, elevated blood fats as well as signs of inflammation in the body.

7. Psoriasis arthritis

Some people who have psoriasis can develop psoriatic arthritis and the more severe the type of psoriasis you suffer from, the more likely you are to suffer from psoriatic psoriasis.

About 10 percent of people with psoriasis develop psoriatic psoriasis when represents suffering from both arthritis and psoriasis. Psoriasis usually precedes arthritis and the level of inflammation worsens as psoriasis intensifies. Psoriatic arthritis usually starts by affecting a joint that was subject to a previous injury.

These are just a few health issues that can develop alongside psoriasis but there are many more. Being proactive about maintaining your health can not only help to manage psoriasis symptoms but can also help to decrease your risk of developing other health issues including the above.

While determining what causes psoriasis can be challenging, what is known is that it can not only greatly affect your skin but can also increase your risk of developing various health conditions so stay on top of your health.

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