Does Milk Thistle Help Psoriasis?

does milk thistle help psoriasisThere are so many herbs that are usually recommended as a natural remedy for psoriasis natural treatment and milk thistle is one such herb. Does milk thistle help psoriasis? Since it is one of the popular herbs that are recommended for psoriasis, we shall have a look at its components and why it is possible that it may help psoriasis and many other diseases and conditions.

What is milk thistle?

It belongs to the family of marigold, daisy and dandelion. It is also known as holy thistle and Silybum and it is the seeds that are used for natural healing. While milk thistle is well-known for being an effective natural remedy for various liver conditions, there are other diseases and conditions that it can also help with including psoriasis.

Milk thistle for the liver

Researchers isolated three main compounds that protect the liver which are present in milk thistle namely, silicristin, silibinin and silidianin which are collectively known as silymarin.

Silymarin helps the liver in many ways including preventing harmful toxins from entering the liver, it is a very powerful antioxidant which protects the liver from harmful free radicals that seek to damage healthy cells in the liver and well as other healthy cells in the body and silymarin repairs damaged liver cells while stimulating the immune system.

Due to the fact that modern medicine does not have anything to offer people who are dealing with liver damage, milk thistle brings hope for people suffering from liver damage caused by the following conditions;

  • Cirrhosis whether it is alcoholic in nature or from another source is helped by milk thistle which improves liver function.
  • Hepatitis can be helped by milk thistle as it normalizes liver function.
  • Liver damage from drugs including various over the counter medications such as those that contain acetaminophen (Tylenol) as well as prescription medications including antidepressants, antibiotics, etc, can be repaired with the help of milk thistle.
  • Mushroom poisoning can damage the liver and milk thistle can help.
  • Liver damage from environmental toxins can also be repaired with the help of milk thistle.

Besides helping with the liver, milk thistle can also help manage diabetes naturally as well as normalize cholesterol levels. Some studies have also shown that milk thistle may contain some cancer fighting properties.

Milk thistle for psoriasis

Does milk thistle help psoriasis? From the work of this herb on the liver, we can see that it is detoxifying, is a powerful antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. Ding, Ding, Ding! All these properties are beneficial for fighting psoriasis naturally which is why milk thistle is believed to be able to help with psoriasis.

By cleansing the liver and boosting the immune system, all these benefits can also be felt in the skin which is why you need milk thistle in your life if you suffer from psoriasis.

Milk thistle psoriasis dosage

Silymarin in not water soluble so using a homemade decoction or infusion (tea) will not give you very high doses of silymarin. Look for standardized milk thistle extracts that feature 70 percent of silymarin in tablet or capsule form. Taking at least 150 mg of milk thistle that features this standardized milk thistle extract twice a day is generally recommended as a natural remedy for psoriasis. Or you can simply follow package instructions.

Safety concerns

  • Do not take milk thistle before talking to your doctor first.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take milk thistle.
  • Children under 2 should not be given milk thistle and those over the age of 65 should start with a low dosage of milk thistle.
  • While most natural remedies including milk thistle are not only inexpensive but are relatively side effect free, in some people, an allergic reaction may result from using this herb.
  • Do not combine with other medications.

Does milk thistle help psoriasis? There is definitely supporting evidence on the benefits of using milk thistle as a natural remedy for psoriasis so you should certainly consider this herb if looking for natural alternatives for psoriasis treatment. Get the best milk thistle extract to use here.

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