Dairy And Psoriasis – Can Dairy Products Worsen Psoriasis?

dairy and psoriasisWhile a doctor will probably not tell you that changing your diet may be able to cure psoriasis, it hasn’t stopped many people from following a psoriasis healing diet in an effort to combat this chronic skin condition which as of yet does not have a cure. Some people have cut out specific food groups with dairy usually up for consideration. Dairy is one of the food groups that can cause problems in some people anyway but is there a negative connection between dairy and psoriasis?

Problems dairy can cause

Even in the absence of this skin condition and many other diseases and conditions, dairy which is one of the four major food groups, for many people can lead to health problems especially those brought on by lactose intolerance.

Some of the possible problems caused by dairy in some people include;

  • Intestinal indigestion due to some people lacking the enzymes that can properly digest dairy products which means that they are intolerant or allergic to dairy.
  • High saturated fat content is contained in many dairy products which can lead to many health problems.
  • Chemicals used by many dairy farmers to treat and prevent various infections that dairy cows are susceptible to can find their way into your body through this milk and cause many health problems.
  • Etc

Dairy and psoriasis

Many psoriasis sufferers who have decided to change their diet to a psoriasis healing diet are always concerned about whether there is a negative relationship between dairy products and psoriasis.

Whether dairy is bad or good for psoriasis or has no impact at all, is not an easy question to answer because just like being allergic to dairy, while some people are allergic and need to eliminate dairy, most people are not and need not eliminate dairy from their lives.

In addition, because there is currently no cure for psoriasis and any remedy that is recommended for a psoriasis patient may work in one patient but not in another and vice versa, trial and error is really the only way to determine what works and what hurts your psoriasis. Using food for healing is the same way. Some people may be able to eat certain foods with no problem but others develop issues when they eat those same foods.

Which brings us to whether there is a negative connection between dairy and psoriasis. Generally, dairy products are not off limits for many psoriasis sufferers although some of those who deal with psoriatic arthritis often produce symptoms when they consume any type of dairy products so if this is the case, you may need to eliminate dairy from your life.

But if you are not allergic to dairy but are still worried about your general health and well-being including the health of your skin, it is best to avoid whole milk dairy products, those that are high in fat, sugar or salt content, imitation butter, margarine, whipped cream, etc.

If dairy does not cause any problems for you, it is best to choose low-fat, non-fat or skim milk, butter which is sweet or unsalted, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, or non-fat or low fat yogurt, buttermilk, etc.

Other healthy alternatives for milk include soy milk, almond milk and various other types of milk derived from nuts.

This is just a bit of information on dairy and psoriasis and whether dairy products can aggravate psoriasis. No connection has been found between this food group and psoriasis but it is still best to choose healthier dairy products.

While a psoriasis healing diet can help overcome psoriasis which can include the elimination of dairy or choosing healthier dairy options, there are many other ways which can bring you relief from the skin lesions produced by psoriasis. Click here for the 10 best products for psoriasis natural treatment that you need in your life!

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