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  1. I’ve had Psoriasis for 40 years. I decided to stop drinking cow’s milk to see if it would help my psoriatic arthritis. 2 weeks in I noticed my skin was becoming paler and was clearing up. 4 weeks of only drinking soya milk, and no cow’s milk, my psoriasis had gone.I can now run upstairs and my arthritis is 75% better.
    For the first time I have been able to wear tee shirts (all winter)
    I didn’t stop drinking cow’s milk to clear my psoriasis but my psoriasis has completely gone. I have eaten both butter and cheese and my skin is as clear as it was 40 years and has remained clear.
    I would like to prove my theory that cow’s milk is the sole cause of psoriasis.

    1. That’s fantastic but while cow’s milk may be the issue for you, it could be another issue or issues for someone else. But definitely various components of one’s diet including dairy may be the culprit.

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