Can Psoriasis Go Away Using Herbal Teas?

can psoriasis go awayHerbals teas are commonly recommended for the natural treatment of psoriasis. Can psoriasis go away using herbal teas? Many psoriasis sufferers and herbalists believe so. This is because herbs including herbal teas are the original medicine and have been used for thousands of years for the natural treatment of various diseases and conditions and many pharmaceuticals commonly use ingredients obtained from various plants.

It is possible that herbal teas can make psoriasis go away because they contain various healing properties and unlike commercial tea preparations, they do not contain caffeine, tannin and theobromine which can produce side effects such as insomnia, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, etc.

Top 2 herbal teas for psoriasis

1. Slippery elm tea

This herb is one of the top herbs that can make psoriasis go away because of its work on the digestive tract because it is able to protect the inner lining of the lower and upper digestive tract which helps to prevent toxins from passing through the intestinal walls into the blood stream.

Toxin buildup can increase the risk of developing psoriasis and slippery elm promotes internal cleansing while restoring the intestinal walls to bring about healing to areas of the body that need it.

While the slippery elm bark is available to be eaten, it can be difficult to chew which is why many people turn to slippery elm powder to make the tea. To make slippery elm tea for psoriasis, you will need to add a half teaspoon of the powder to a cup of warm water and let this sit for no more than a half hour. Throw away any tea that has been sitting for longer than this as it has probably gone bad.

Most people with psoriasis take this tea once a day or every other day and most people have a hard time drinking this tea even after adding some ice to it because the texture can be disgusting to most people because it turns out gooey and gel-like which is due to the mucilage (soluble fiber which turns into a gel when water is added) it contains.

While it can be difficult to consume slippery elm tea, you must add this tea to your treatment regimen because it is one of the most important teas that can make psoriasis go away if you are consistent.

2. Saffron tea

Can psoriasis go away with saffron tea? If you have psoriasis and are not drinking saffron tea (and slippery elm tea) you need to be hit over the head! Saffron (American yellow saffron is commonly substituted by psoriasis sufferers for the more expensive Spanish saffron) is an amazing spice and not just for psoriasis and is commonly used for various culinary purposes.

Just like slippery elm tea, saffron tea works on the digestive tract as well as helping to treat skin ailments that are the result of some malfunction in the digestive system. Saffron is important for psoriasis sufferers in that in addition to healing intestinal lesions, it also helps to flush out the kidneys and liver while increasing perspiration which is an important way to detoxify the skin.

In order to make saffron tea, add about a quarter teaspoon of saffron tea to a cup and add boiling water over this and allow it to cool. Strain and drink this preferably before you retire at night. Always make saffron tea fresh.

Can psoriasis go away with these and other herbal teas? They are certainly beneficial and should be consumed by all psoriasis sufferers because of the healing properties of these various herbs and spices.

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