Acupuncture Benefits For Psoriasis Treatment

acupuncture benefits for psoriasisAlternative therapies for treating psoriasis are popular especially since there isn’t a standard conventional treatment for psoriasis. The lack of a cure also means that you may need to try various treatments to find which one or which combination gives you the relief that you seek. One such alternative treatment you can look into is acupuncture and in this post we shall look into what the acupuncture benefits for psoriasis are and why this treatment therapy may be recommended for you.

What’s acupuncture?

This alternative treatment therapy is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which has been found effective for many diseases and conditions. It’s usually used in combination with Chinese herbalism.

Various holistic practices believe that imbalance or disharmony in the body, mind and spirit open the gates to a multitude of diseases and conditions. Wellness is usually brought about by harmony and balance in these areas after making important changes in your lifestyle, habits, diet, etc.

Acupuncture which is an ancient alternative treatment method in the Far East continues to grow in popularity in the West to the point that even some medical doctors are incorporating acupuncture into their practices.

Chinese philosophy is that qi (pronounced “chee”) is the life force which flows all around us but specifically flows through the body through 12 specific meridians (channels or energy pathways) that connect the major organs in the body which are in charge of different functions in the body.

Imbalance and disharmony in the body which increases the risk of developing various diseases and conditions, results from blockages along these energy pathways. Energy is blocked according to TCM due to growth (including emotional and spiritual growth) that is out of control or stifled which then goes on to block the energy of the various organs.

The main goal of TCM through the use acupuncture as well as other components of TCM such as Chinese herbalism and so forth, is to help the body to self-heal by allowing the free flow of qi.

Qi represents two equal but opposite forces known as yin (cold) and yang (heat). Creating harmony or balance in the body using TCM requires the reduction of too much heat or too much cold. The TCM practitioner works with you to create a state of harmony and balance of the yin and yang in your body.

While acupuncture and Chinese herbalism are frequently used together, they can be used separately.

Acupuncture benefits for psoriasis

When using acupuncture for psoriasis, the acupuncturist will endeavor to bring about healing and balance by locating the energy blockages and then inserting fine needles into specific acupuncture points for psoriasis in order to eliminate the blockages and restore the proper flow of qi which can help bring about health and well-being while eliminating psoriasis lesions. As mentioned earlier, the practitioner may use various Chinese herbs in combination with acupuncture.

While this acupuncture may seem strange and even dangerous, rest assured that this is generally safe when you use a trained acupuncturist. The needles used are also painless. You may feel a little prick of the needles here and there but nothing uncomfortable or painful.

How long should you use acupuncture for psoriasis?

When using acupuncture for psoriasis, changes will usually be noted after several sessions.

If positive acupuncture benefits for psoriasis are noted, you also need to remember that the relief obtained may be temporary although some practitioners may perform additional work with the new skin to restore normal blood flow and moisture to prevent recurrence. Some patients may also have periodic (tune-up) sessions to prevent recurrence but this is not considered necessary if you complete the required sessions.

Since each session is expensive and several sessions are usually needed (from 3 to 9 months or so), this may end up being a very costly alternative treatment method for psoriasis. If you stop treatment before the various symptoms of psoriasis are eliminated, you are very likely to deal with recurrence.

Will acupuncture work for you?

It’s important to remember that since there isn’t one definite treatment method for psoriasis, using any treatment method including acupuncture is not guaranteed to work.

Simply because it worked for another person does not mean that it will work for you and vice versa. In fact, despite some reports of effectiveness of this method, there have also been several studies that have shown that acupuncture is not effective for psoriasis treatment.

So if you do choose to use acupuncture for psoriasis relief, you should simply view it as an experiment to determine whether it shall work for you or not and take it from there. Trial and error is the mindset you should have when seeking to overcome psoriasis and not get too down on yourself or negative if a treatment doesn’t work. What will work for you may just be around the corner. It may even be acupuncture.

If interested in alternative therapies for treating this chronic skin condition, acupuncture for psoriasis is definitely something to consider. But because it can be quite expensive and not guaranteed to work, you may want to try other less costly methods such as the 10 best (and inexpensive) and effective products for psoriasis which are listed here.


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