3 Lifestyle Choices That Aggravate Psoriasis

signs and symptoms of psoriasisSo much of this condition is still a mystery and while there is no cure, there are many treatments and remedies that can offer relief and help keep the symptoms of psoriasis to a minimum. While these various treatments can work, sometimes we have to look at ourselves to determine whether there are things that we are doing that can be aggravating psoriasis. There are certain lifestyle choices that can aggravate psoriasis including the following three.

1. Smoking

Tobacco is one of the Nightshades that were discussed briefly here and should be avoided by those with psoriasis as they can lead to the development of the various symptoms of psoriasis. A recent survey found that about a quarter of psoriasis cases result from smoking. There are so many dangers of smoking for more than just people with psoriasis which is why anyone with psoriasis should not add onto their problems by smoking.

Smoking contracts the small blood vessels leading to heart disease, increases the risk of some types of cancer, it poisons the respiratory system, it dehydrates the body, etc. There is nothing good about smoking. Simply put, it poisons the body and with psoriasis being an internal problem in the body, it can increase the chance of developing the symptoms of psoriasis.

However, it is important to note that smoking is habit forming and it can be very difficult to overcome this habit which is why taking advantage of various smoking cessation programs is seriously advised if eliminating smoking is a problem.

2. Alcohol

Various surveys have found that the incidence of psoriasis is much greater in those who heavily drink than moderate drinkers or those who abstain from alcohol. This is another addictive behavior that can be difficult to eliminate for those who are heavy drinkers. If you are struggling with alcohol dependency, there are many organizations and resources that can help because this is a very difficult habit to break.

Hard liquor and even beer should be eliminated. An exception may be red wine for which there are some health benefits but if you have an alcohol dependency, eliminating all alcohol including red wine is prudent. If you are a moderate drinker only an occasional glass of red wine is recommended.

3. Stress

Chronic stress is a well documented trigger for psoriasis. We all deal with occasional stress over work, family, friends, money, education, etc, however, there should come a point when the stress is resolved for instance when you complete a job assignment or term paper by the deadline, when money issues resolve, when conflict is dealt with, etc.

Stress only becomes a health issue when is becomes chronic (long-standing) going on month after month, year after year and so forth.

Chronic stress is a huge trigger for psoriasis and is probably one of the biggest triggers. Learning effective ways to manage stress is important for anyone who suffers from this chronic skin condition. Take some time out of the day to relax, exercise, enjoy a book, or take a brisk walk. Try not to take on too much at work and ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. Reducing the amount of stress in your life can help prevent the various symptoms of psoriasis.

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