13 Quick Tips For Living With Psoriasis

living with psoriasisPsoriasis can be a challenge to deal with both physically and emotionally but it is still possible to live a full and productive life despite having this chronic (recurring and long-lasting) skin condition. Instead of hiding away or being depressed about having this skin condition, here are 13 tips for living with psoriasis that will allow you to be proactive and keep psoriasis flare-ups to a minimum and get on with your life.

13 Tips for Living with Psoriasis

1. Stay Positive

It can get very disheartening and depressing when treatment after treatment method does not work for you. So the first step for living with psoriasis is to learn to remain positive and believe that you will find a treatment method that will work for your particular case of psoriasis. Also, you need to remain positive and content in the fact that psoriasis does not define you which means that you do not need to be down or hide away when psoriasis flare-ups rear their ugly head.

2. Watch Your Weight

Psoriasis can be worsened in overweight or obese individuals so do try to stay trim. In addition, treatment in overweight or obese people can take longer to produce results and flare-ups can return faster after treatment works for a while.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Dry skin can worsen psoriasis so ensure that you moisturize and moisturize again. Moisturizing often during the day will help with psoriasis lesions and keep them from looking really bad. Using great skin moisturizers and oils can help lock in moisture and keep flare-ups at bay or from worsening.

4. Sun Worship

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can help to slow down the rapid cell turnover associated with psoriasis so get out in the sun but be careful not to burn when out in the sun or when using other light therapy (phototherapy) for psoriasis equipment. Do monitor your skin frequently because there is always a risk of skin cancer.

5. Salicylic Acid

This common acne medication is also beneficial for psoriasis as this helps to reduce the scales produced by psoriasis.

6. Antihistamines

If there is itching associated with the psoriasis flare-ups, consider using over the counter antihistamines which can help to reduce this itching.

7. Humidifier

This helps to prevent dry indoor air that can lead to dry skin worsening psoriasis so invest in a good humidifier for home and/or office.

8. Using Soaps

Make sure that any soaps you use do not irritate and dry out your skin or increase the itch associated with psoriasis flare-ups. You may even opt for soap free cleansers.

9. Oils

Oils such as olive, emu oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil, etc, are great not just to help lock in moisture but can also be used to soften and remove scales especially those associated with scalp psoriasis. These oils if organic, extra virgin and unrefined, also contain many healthful properties that can benefit the skin and promote healing.

Apply the oil while the skin is still damp after bathing, apply to bathwater, warm the oil and apply to the scalp, gently massage and then shampoo.

10. Tar

Shampoos, creams and other bath products that contain tar may be beneficial for those living with psoriasis.

11. Diet Changes

Getting plenty of skin benefiting vitamins and mineral is another excellent way of treating this skin condition. If you are living with psoriasis, consider following a diet for psoriasis that contains these essential vitamins and minerals.

12. Fish Oil

No one knows exactly why fish oil is so beneficial for those with psoriasis but it works. Consider fish oil supplements to control psoriasis flare-ups.

13. Stress Management

One of the triggers for psoriasis is chronic stress so if this is an issue you are dealing with, please learn how to manage stress if you are living with psoriasis and want to keep the flare-ups at bay. Chronic stress weakens the body and immune system leaving it open to various diseases and conditions including psoriasis.

These are just a few tips on controlling psoriasis for those living with psoriasis. For more holistic methods for curing and preventing flare-ups, they are contained in the popular and effective Psoriasis Free For Life guide that may be beneficial for you.

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